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Privacy Policy

This document forms an integral part of our Terms and Conditions.
We acknowledge that you need to trust us when you register and share personal information with us.  We take our responsibilities in this regard very seriously and we have documented below the ways in which we use the information that you give us.
1. E-mails
We thoroughly disapprove of spam and we have no intention of subjecting you to unwanted and unsolicited e-mails.  We want to provide you with enough information to keep you informed but not enough to become annoying!  We will send you a welcome e-mail when you register and thereafter we will send e-mails every 3 months or so to keep you up-to-date with our developments.
2. Sharing information
You will never be contacted by any third party as a result of information that you supply to us.  We will neither give nor sell your details to anyone, including other organizations belonging to our parent organization – Jigthings Limited.
3. Information that we hold about you
All of the information that we hold about you can be found by logging in to “Your Account” at the QuizArea websites.  The information is held under three easily accessible headings – Your Performance, Your Preferences and Your Details.  Provision has been made for you to be able to amend these details as necessary.
4. Cookies
Cookies are small computer files that assist both you and us.  Without cookies it is not possible for us to keep a record for you of the quizzes you have played, the dates they were played and your scores.   You have our assurance that under no circumstances will cookies be used to gather specific information about your use of the site either for our own use or for disclosure to any third party.
5. Place of processing
The personal information is held on and processed by computers situated in the UK.
6. Security
We have security procedures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally.  It is the customer’s responsibility to protect their User Name and Password to prevent unauthorised access to their account.
7. Removal from our database
You may e-mail us to request that your details be removed from our database at any time and we will immediately comply with your wishes.
8. Personal data retention period
We will retain your personal details for one year from the last time that you use the website or we receive a communication from you to tell us to delete your data.
9. Quiz playing and quiz printing data retention
We reserve the right to remove your quiz playing and quiz printing records at any time but if this becomes necessary we will always try to tell you the reasons at least 30 days in advance.
10. Data protection information
You can obtain information about the data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner’s website at www.dataprotection.gov.uk.  You can also search for our Data Protection Notification at the same place.