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You are currently on the QuizArea Play website.  Here you can play online quizzes of many different types and you can also print out individual quizzes.  If your requirement is to compile a professional looking pub quiz for use in pubs or as a club quiz, a charity quiz or simply for home entertainment then you need to visit our sister site at QuizArea Pro.
We aim to provide quizzes that are exciting, challenging, educational and fun to play. The QuizArea website is huge and at first it can seem a little bewildering but with a little practice you will find that the logical layout of the site will help you to easily find the quizzes you want.   Click the various links to start playing quizzes straight away or alternatively read through the explanations below to help you get a head start in navigating around.  Please note that each time you click a link below (red typeface) the link will open in a new window so that you don't lose the page you are now reading.
Should I Register?
You can play quizzes on this QuizArea Play site as often as you like without ever registering but if you choose to register then our website will automatically remember for you and display which quizzes you have played, when you played them and the scores you achieved.  In addition you will be able to set your own preferences for playing quizzes and report errors.
Registering with QuizArea Pro will enable our website to track for you which quizzes you have used and when they were used.
You only need to register once (on either the Play site or the Pro site) and you will then automatically become a registered user on the sister site.
Your information will never be used by anyone outside of our organization for any purpose - see our Privacy Policy.
We don't need your life history - only a Username (Email Address) and Password along with a Christian Name or Nickname.   Register now.
New Quizzes
We had over 1,000 quizzes available on the day we started and many quizzes have been added since.  Currently we are not adding new quizzes to this site because all our time is taken up with the development of our revision for KS3 website at educationquizzes.com.  If you are a KS3 student or a KS3 teacher then please have a look at the new site - we think you will find it both interesting and valuable.
The Names we Give to Things
A quiz "Category" is a subject such as Books, Entertainment, Sports or News.  
A quiz "Type" defines the way a quiz is played and we have 5 formats to choose from.
A quiz "Title" is the name of an actual quiz - every quiz has a unique title. 
Quiz Categories
There are 25 quiz Categories to choose from and each one contains all five quiz Types.  A Category can be recognized by the colourful icon that always accompanies it.  All the categories are displayed at the bottom of the home page and also down the left hand side of all other pages.
Quiz Types
Each of our quizzes (except Sudoku) always has 10 questions so you can rely on a simple consistency.  You will often come across the following line of links:
Multiple Choice |  Pictures |  Anagrams |  Ordered Lists |  Word Searches
Click the links above to see how each quiz looks.  
Our most popular (and therefore most prolific) quizzes are Multiple Choice.  At the start of each quiz you can choose what you want to happen when you give a wrong answer; you can choose for us to tell you the correct answer immediately or alternatively have us re-present the question later until you get it right.  Research has shown that this latter format is an extremely efficient way to learn and is the preferred choice if you are trying to broaden your education or impress your friends at the local pub quiz with your new found knowledge!
Picture quizzes present you with 10 different pictures and you need to click and drag the correct caption to each picture.
Anagrams provide 10 different sets of letters for you to re-arrange into the theme given.
Ordered Lists are our most difficult type of quiz - you need to arrange 10 items into their correct order - don't expect to score 10 out of 10 very often!
Word searches provide a grid in which you need to find the 10 hidden words.
Quiz Titles
We try to make each quiz Title as self explanatory as possible.  You will see that each quiz Title includes a number just to make sure that it is unique - for most practical purposes you can ignore this number.
Finding the Quizzes you Want to Play 
There are 3 easy steps to drill down to the quizzes that you require:
1. Click on a quiz "Category"
2. On the page that then appears, click on a quiz "Type" 
3. On the page that then appears, click on a quiz "Title"
In addition to our 5 regular types of quiz we also provide daily online Sudoku in three levels of difficulty.  For those who have so far missed out on the worldwide phenomena of Sudoku (and are wondering how to catch up) we provide easy instructions that explain it step by step.  Unlike other guides you won’t need a doctorate in applied mathematics to follow it!  Go to the Sudoku Guide or Try a Sudoku
Printing Quizzes for General Entertainment
As well as playing the quizzes online you can also print each one and you might like to consider using them in the following situations:
*   Family get-togethers
*   Entertaining children on car journeys
*   Amusing customers in your pub or restaurant
*   Keeping patients contented in your doctor's or dentist's waiting room
*   Anytime when you just want to make people happy!
Why not take a look at our Latest Quizzes and print-out one that you like the looks of?  You will be amazed at how much free entertainment it provides.
Once you have registered with us you will find that printing individual quizzes could not be easier.  When you are logged in you will see a "Print as PDF" button at the bottom of every quiz and clicking the button will send a message scurrying to our software to prepare a print for you.  Two printable sheets will be got ready (one that gives only the questions and the other that gives both questions and answers) and you can print either or both as many times as you like. 
Printing Quizzes for Professional Use
If you want to bring together a number of our quizzes into a professional presentation then our sister site at QuizArea Pro will provide everything you need absolutely free of charge.  Amongst other things you will be able to:
*   Put-together your own unique compilation with individual quizzes chosen by you
*   Tailor-make a cover sheet that features your own name or company
*   Compile together up to 10 individual quizzes each of 10 questions
*   Number each question consecutively
*   Print as many copies as you like
The above process requires very sophisticated programming but it integrated into the site and is fairly easy to use.  You will need to put aside an hour or two to learn and experiment but you should find it is great fun.  BEWARE, once you can do this your skills will be in great demand from friends, family and business associates - don't tell them unless you want to be inundated with requests!