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Can I print the quizzes?
Yes.  Once you are registered and logged in you can print any individual quiz.   Individual quizzes are ideal for keeping children occupied on car journeys and for family parties etc.  See Register Today.
Can I print quizzes for use at my place of work?
Yes.  Wherever people gather and have a few minutes to spare then printed quizzes provide an ideal way to entertain them.  Waiting rooms at doctors and dentists, pubs, restaurants, reception areas and staff canteens are all great places to have printed quizzes - they keep clients, customers and employees happy and it costs you absolutely nothing.  Our up-to-the minute news quizzes are ideal for the purpose. See Latest Quizzes.
How do I print a quiz?
When you are registered and logged in you will see a "Print as PDF" button at the bottom of every quiz and clicking the button will send a message scurrying to our software to prepare a print for you.  Two printable sheets will be got ready - one that gives only the questions and the other that gives both questions and answers.  You can print either or both as many times as you like.
Are the quizzes copyrighted?
Yes.  All our quizzes are subject to copyright restriction.  We allow our customers to print the quizzes provided that they are reproduced in the exact .pdf form that our software generates i.e. every sheet must show the QuizArea details at the bottom.  Use of the material without showing the QuizArea details is a breach of our copyright.
Can I print quizzes for professional use?
Yes.  If you want to bring together a number of quizzes into a professional presentation then our sister site at QuizArea Pro will provide everything you need absolutely free of charge.
Do I need to register?
You can play quizzes on this QuizArea Play site as often as you like without ever registering but if you choose to register then our website will automatically remember for you and display which quizzes you have played, when you played them and the scores you achieved.  In addition you will be able to set your own preferences for playing quizzes and report errors.
Registering on the QuizArea Pro site to compile professional quizzes will enable our website to track for you which quizzes you have used and when they were used.
Do I need to register on both the QuizArea Play site and the QuizArea Pro site?
No.  Registering on either site gives you full rights on BOTH sites.
What information do you need if I register?
We only need a Username (Email address) and Password along with a Christian Name or Nickname.  Your information will NEVER be used by anyone outside of our organization for any purpose - see our Privacy Policy.
Where can I learn how to easily navigate the site?
Go to Play Online Quizzes
How do I find quizzes on a particular subject?
Click on any of the quiz Categories - Art and Philosophy, Books, British Isles, etc. Each Category has a brightly coloured icon beside it. You can find the entire list (25 subjects) at the bottom of the home page and on the left hand side of all other pages.
How do I find quizzes of a particular type?
Each time you click on a quiz Category (see question above) another page will appear and near the top of the screen you will see a row of 5 different quiz Types - Multiple Choice, Pictures, Anagrams, Ordered Lists and Word Searches.  Click on whichever quiz Type you require.
How do I select a quiz to play?
Each time you click on a quiz Type (see question above) another page will appear that shows the quiz Titles - click "Play" beside any that you want to play.  Please note that there are often so many quiz Titles that they will not all fit onto the same page and if this is the case then a "Next" button will appear at the foot of the page.
How do I know how to play the quizzes?
Each time that you click on a quiz Type (see question above) instructions will appear that tell you how to play.
How do I know which quizzes I have played?
If you have registered and are logged in then each time you go to a screen that lists quiz Titles, you will see your own personal record for every quiz.  If you have played the quiz before then you will see a tick on the same row as the quiz Title and alongside that, your score.
How do I know when I played a quiz?
If you have registered and are logged in then move the mouse so that you "Hover" over any tick on the quiz screen (see question above) and you will see the date when you last played the quiz.
How is my score recorded if I abandon a quiz before it is finished?
Your record will show your score at the time the quiz was abandoned.
Can I play a quiz more than once?
Yes, you can play every quiz as many times as you like.  Only your most recent score will be recorded.
Why do the individual quizzes have numbers after their title?
This is to allow each quiz to be uniquely identifiable.  Most of the time you need not worry about the numbers, instead you can sort the quizzes into whatever order you like by using the "Sort by" box at the top of every list of quizzes
Can I define a default way in which to play Multiple Choice quizzes?
Yes, if you are registered you can go to Your Account>Your Preferences>Multiple Choice Preferences and select either "Correct answers given after each question" or "Incorrectly answered questions re-presented later"
Can I search for quizzes on a particular subject?
Yes, you can enter keywords (like Grisham, or Roads) into the Quiz Search box - you will find this beneath the main menus on the left hand side of every page.  Press Go and you will then be provided with a list of links that contain your keyword(s)
Can I define where to search for the keywords in my searches?
Yes, if you are registered you can go to Your Account>Your Preferences>Search Mode and select either "Titles Only" or "Question and Answers"
How do I use the "Sort by" box at the top of a quiz list? 
Click the arrow at the right hand side of the box to reveal a list of options.  Click the option you require and the list will automatically be sorted for you.
Can I define a default order for sorting?
Yes, if you are registered you can go to Your Account>Your Preferences>Quiz Listings Order and select whichever option you prefer.
How do I find your terms and conditions and your privacy policy?
There are links along the bottom of every page - click the one you require.
Will my details be revealed to anyone else?
No.  None of your details will ever be given or sold to any other company.
How do I report an error?
When you are registered and logged in you will see a "Report Error" button at the bottom of every quiz and clicking the button will take you to a form on which you can explain the problem.  Please note that only registered users can report errors.
What do QuizArea do when an error has been reported?
We investigate and rectify any reported errors as quickly as we can. 
How do I contact QuizArea
See our Contact Us page for a full list of available options